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We now have a set of 45 citations dealing with the topic of sickle cell anemia and penicillins. These articles also use a form of the word prevent or prophyla in the title or abstract.

We can stop and review these articles or we can further limit the set.

There are common limits listed directly below the box labeled "Enter Keyword or phrase".

These Limits are:

  • Local Holdings limit is no longer available.
  • Full Text limits to journal titles that are available in OVID's Full Text collection (over 400 journal titles) or available in another collection and directly accessible by clicking the LinkSource (LinkSource) icon. LinkSource is an external link resolver that links from a citation in one database to the full text in another (e.g., from OVID to Science Direct, from EBSCO to PsycARTICLES, etc.).  Note that PCOM subscribes to over 3,000 full text electronic journals which are not in the Journals@ Ovid collection so you will not see a OVID Full Text link. For non-OVID journls, LinkSource links from the OVID citation to the full text if available. For non-subscribed titles, LinkSource links to a populated InterLibrary Loan Request Form.

  • Human articles which are primarily about human subjects. It will retain articles about both human and animal subjects. If you limit by Age Group you do not need to use this limit.

  • English Language articles which are written in the English language. Foreign language articles with English abstracts will be eliminated by a limit to English.

  • Review Articles articles which are reviews of a subject. For NLM databases this includes all review types: Review Literature; Review of Reported Cases; Review, Academic; Review, Multicase; and Review, Tutorial.

  • Abstracts references with abstracts or summaries of the article.

  • Latest Update citations from the most recent update of the database.

  • EBM Reviews Article Reviews from the Best Evidence database (ACP Journal Club or Evidence-based Medicine) and Topic Reviews from Cochrane Library of Systematic Reviews.

  • Publication Year 


  1. View the sample screen

  2. Check the Limit to: boxes for:  Human and English Language

    Note: The system will automatically LIMIT your last set.

  3. Click on Perform Search button

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