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Explode is a function that allows you to expand your search strategy to include additional, more specific terms.

If you are also interested in other types of Sickle Cell Anemia, you can explode the broad term Anemia, Sickle Cell to pick up the more specific types, namely Hemoglobin SC Disease and Sickle Cell Trait which are indented under it in the Tree Display.

When you explode a term the system will automatically retrieve all citations indexed to that term as well as all the citations indexed to the terms indented under it. This is very powerful when there are many more specific terms indented under a Subject Heading. Examples are Penicillius, Antibiotics, Pregnancy, etc.

Tree for Anemia, Sickle Cell
Database: MEDLINE

 Select Subject Heading  Explode  Focus   Scope Note 
    Anemia, Sickle Cell (9256)
     Hemoglobin SC Disease (362)
    Sickle Cell Trait (1214) Scope Note

Sample retrieval with and without Explode ("exp") :

# Search History Results Display
1 Anemia, Sickle Cell/ 9256 Display
2 exp Anemia, Sickle Cell/ 9836 Display

Note: Exploding Anemia, Sickle Cell retrieves 9836 citations. This includes citations indexed to the more specific terms Hemoglobin SC Disease and Sickle Cell Trait, as well as Anemia, Sickle Cell.

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