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Combining terms (AND, OR)

After retrieving at least two separate sets of citations that discuss each of the key elements of your topic, you need to combine them to identify the relevant articles among the sets. Sets can be combined in the following ways:

All terms must appear in each reference.
This will decrease the number of citations to review. Use "and" to include all the important concepts in the citations retrieved.

Either of the selected terms may appear in each citation. This is used to include similar terms or concepts, such as combining brand, generic or category names for a drug. This will increase the number of citations to review.

The combine function will create a new set on the Main Search page.


  1. View the sample screen

  2. Type " 1 and 2 " in the box labeled "Enter Keyword or phrase"

    Note: The numbers relate to the set numbers. We are using "and" because both concepts must appear in the articles retrieved.

  3. Click on the Perform Search button

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