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H. William Craver III, DO '87, FACOS
Dean and Chief Academic Officer Osteopathic Medical Program
Mark Okamoto, PharmD
Dean & Chief Academic Officer School of Pharmacy

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GA-PCOM Key Personnel
Name Title Phone Email Fax
Skye Bickett Reference and Education Librarian 678.225.7541 skyebi@pcom.edu 678.225.7549
Lisa D'Addieco Business Services Coordinator 678.225.7502 lisadad@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Marketing and Communications Manager 678.225.7532 678.225.7509
Trena Gologan Assistant Director of Admissions 678.225.7536 trenago@pcom.edu 678.225.7526
Torrian Hall Computer Lab Technician 678.225.7522 torrianha@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Brittany Hussong Receptionist/Secretary 678.225.7500 brittanyhu@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Richard Kralle Director, Security and Public Safety 215.871.6355 RichK@pcom.edu 215.871.6362
Kimura Leonard Associate Director of Financial Aid 678.225.7533 kimurale@pcom.edu 678.225.7526
Patience Mason Associate Director, GA-PCOM Center for Student Affairs 678.225.7534 patiencema@pcom.edu 678.225.7525
Erica Rosalle Library Assistant 678.225.7542 ericaro@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Richard Saldivar Systems and Emerging Technologies Librarian 678.225.7543 RichardSa@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Tamara Scaccia Administrative Assistant (Student Services) 678.225.7539 tamarasc@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Leander Tice Technical Support Supervisor 678.225.7521 leanderti@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Dan Warbington Maintenance Mechanic 678.225.7548 danwa@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Frank Windle Director, Plant Operations 215.871.6752 FrankWi@pcom.edu 215.871.6612
Osteopathic Medical Program Administrative Personnel
Deirdre Brown Administrative Assistant, Clinical Education 678.225.7480 deirdrebr@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Alisia Curtis Administrative Assistant, Basic Science 678.225.7560 aliciacu@pcom.edu 678.225.7479
Lori Cushing Clinical Education Supervisor 678.225.7493 loricu@pcom.edu 678.225.7499
Barri Dean Education Coordinator 678.225.7475 barride@pcom.edu 678.225.7478
Shelley Herring Standardized Patient Coordinator 678.225.7471 shelleyrh@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Esther Hewlett Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Osteopathic Medical Program 678.225.7504 estherhe@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Michelle Ingram Administrative Assistant, Clinical Education 678.225.7472 michellein@pcom.edu  678.225.7499
Stacy Lewchuck Administrative Assistant, OMM 678.225.7485 stacyle@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Tim Springer Anatomy Lab Assistant 678.225.7477 timsp@pcom.edu 678.225.7460
Laurel Wike Research Lab Technician 678.225.7567 laurelwi@pcom.edu 678.225.7479
Linda Williams Administrative Assistant, Basic Sciences 678.225.7460 lindawilliams@pcom.edu 678.225.7479