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Cost of Attendance - Biomedical Sciences (Philadelphia Campus)


Cost of Attendance

PCOM (Philadelphia Campus)

MS in Biomedical Sciences
Year 1 Year 2


A student's "Cost of Attendance" (COA) (also known as a financial aid budget) is the estimated full and reasonable cost of completing a full year as a full-time student. These Cost of Attendance figures are estimated and can change at any time. Tuition rates are approved annually each February and estimated COA figures are updated at that time.

1 When loan and scholarship payments disburse, they first go toward paying a student's PCOM tuition and fee charges. Students receive remaining funds to help them meet their personal living expenses.
Estimated Living Expense Refund Dates:
Summer term Fall term Winter term Spring term
early June Mid August Mid November Late February

Living Expense Refund dates are estimated and can vary by programs and years. Financial aid refunds are generally made available by the start of your first class or rotation for the term. Vacation months do not count as a class or rotation for financial aid refund purposes.

Students usually receive their refund money in the middle or late in a month. Often times living expenses (rent & utilities) are due at the beginning of a month. Therefore, our office recommends budgeting your living expense refund money in the following manner:

Suggested Living Expense Refund Allocation:
Summer term Fall term Winter term Spring term
Jun - Aug Sep - Nov Dec - Feb Mar - May
2 Tuition and the comprehensive school fee are charged by term. Cost per credit can be viewed on the Bursar Office tuition page.
If students are paying any portion of their tuition out-of-pocket, they must make payment to the PCOM Bursar Office by each term's specific tuition due dates.
3 Health insurance is charged by term. Vision and dental are one-time charges in your first term.

MS in Biomedical Sciences
  Year 1 Year 2
Enrollment 9 months, 3 terms 9 months, 3 terms
Months Enrolled August - May August - May
# of refunds 1 3 3
Your exact COA will display in your Nucleus Financial Aid Checklist
Estimated Cost of Attendance
Tuition and Fees 2
Tuition 23,258 19,248
# of credits (29 credits) (24 credits)
Comprehensive School Fee 543 543
Books, Supplies, and Equipment
Books & Supplies 876 876
Health Insurance 3
Health Insurance 3,504 3,504
Living Expenses
Room/Rent 8,100 8,100
Utilities 1,530 1,530
Food/Groceries 3,600 3,600
Transportation 2,835 2,835
Personal 2,565 2,565
TOTAL $46,812 $42,801  
Monthly Living Expenses
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