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MIS - Computing News


Computer hardware and software evolves almost continuously. Keeping up with all of the changes shouldn't be a full-time job – certainly not your full-time job. The MIS/Telecommunications group is responsible for PCOM's computers, but many of the information sources we use can help you, too. The following links and suggestions should get you started:


  • Most commercial PC makers have websites; you can probably find the website by entering www.PC_Manufacturer's_Name.com (replacing "PC_Manufacturer's_Name" with the name of your PC's manufacturer, for example, www.COMPAQ.com). Keep your BIOS current.

  • Handhelds and Personal Digital Assistants (by Palm, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, 3Com, Casio, Psion, IBM, and NEC, to name just a few) are the latest rage. Check the warranty and support pages occasionally to make sure your electronic helper is up-to-date.

  • To help you pick a reliable electronic assistant, read reviews by Computers.com, Pdantic, Ziff-Davis, and MobileMagPCWorld is a great resource for all things computer. Pen Computing Magazine is dedicated to handheld computers, and it's updated daily.

  • We utilize Cisco products for site connectivity.

Operating Systems

  • Most handhelds and stand alone PCs use Microsoft operating systems. Windows XP, and Windows 2000 are jumping-off points. Try the links under "Using…", "Download", and "Support". .

  • Apple computers use MacOS.


  • PdaMD.com claims to be the site for information on Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) software. You can get the latest news and reviews, tutorials, and even purchase software here.

  • MS Windows 2000 products offer high-level links; drill down for support or FAQs (Visit the Microsoft Download Center). MS Office 2000 is a high-level link to the various service releases you'll need, as well as the individual products.

  • Web browsers are helpful to have. Try Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Since the "flavor" of Microsoft Internet Explorer you'll download depends on your operating system, we suggest you go directly to the download page, select "Internet Explorer" from the "Product Name" pulldown list, and then select your operating system.

Tools You Can Use: Search Engines, AntiVirus Utilities, etc.