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Vishakha Bhave, B. Pharm., PhD

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Bhave got her Baccalaureate in Pharmacy degree from Mumbai University, India. She completed her PhD in Toxicology from College of Pharmacy at The University of Louisiana at Monroe, La. Her PhD dissertation revolved around investigating the mechanisms of progression of injury in animal models of acute liver failure. She did her post-doctoral fellowship at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, department of Pathology focusing on liver biology and the mechanisms of liver growth and regeneration.

Dr. Bhave has several peer reviewed publications and received numerous awards for her research as a graduate student and post-doctoral fellow. She received a training grant in alternative methods in Toxicology awarded by the In Vitro Specialty Section of the Society of Toxicology. She also received the PPRTP grant at University of Pittsburgh to develop her independent research project.

Dr. Bhave’s current research interest focuses on the role of reprogramming factors like Oct3/4, Nanog, and KLF4 (conventionally known to afford pluripotency to stem cells) in the process of hepatocyte to biliary transdifferentiation, a phenomenon observed in chronic human liver diseases.

Last Updated: 7/7/14