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Contact Us

For questions related to Admission to the PA Program please call 215-871-6700 or email paadmissions@pcom.edu.

PA Program Faculty

Marilyn DiFeliciantonio, MLS, PA-C, Associate Director of Clinical Studies (215) 871-6775

Gregory McDonald, DO, Medical Director, PA Studies (215) 871-6796

Paul Krajewski, MS, PA-C, Director of Clinical Studies (215) 871-6754

Laura Molloy, MHS, PA-C,  Assistant Program Director, Associate Professor (215) 871-6767

Christine F. Mount, MS, PA-C, Director of Didactic Studies, Assistant Professor (215) 871-6746

Jill Cunningham, MHS, PA-C, Assistant Professor (215) 871-6133

Sean Guinane, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor (215) 871-6577

Jennifer Windstein, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor (215) 871-6446


PA Program Administration

John M. Cavenagh, PhD, PA-C, Program Director, Chairman (215) 871-6774

Janice M. Hallahan King, MEd, RHy, MscD,  Department Supervisor (215) 871-6763

Jemal Marie Bankhead, Secretary, (215) 871-6772     

Nadine Miller, Secretary, (215) 871-6772            

Our address is:

PCOM Department of PA Studies
4190 City Avenue; Suite 207
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Telephone:(215) 871-6772
Fax:(215) 871-6702
Last Updated: 9/23/14